Very good place to start finding information about travelling to Vaasa is the tourism portal.


Vaasa Airport (VAA) is located 6 km south of the venue. Everyday you will have several flights from Helsinki and Stockholm. Other option for travellers coming to Vaasa is Helsinki-Vantaa (410 km) international airport.

Rental cars


Shuttle service

It is possible to use shuttle service during the event. Shuttle service operates between airports (by request), track and hotels. Shuttle service fee is 50€/week/person or 15€/day/person and will be invoiced in advance with Paypal.

 Please do all the reservations for Jussi Luopajärvi before 1.8.2015. Please remember to mention following items while doing the reservation:

  • Name
  • Arrival date
  • Departure data
  • Possible flight numbers
  • Hotel


One option to travel from Helsinki airport to Vaasa is by train. Train station is around 5 kilometers from the track. See http://www.vr.fi/eng/ for more information.When buying a train ticket, check if change of the train is needed (normally at Tampere and/or Seinäjoki).


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    any news on the rental cars yet jussi????