Instructions for racers


  • Organizer will provide marshalls for Friday.
  • On Saturday and Sunday the marshalling is organized as usual. After you have completed your heat, you go marshalling


  • Smoking is allowed on the area close by washing station
  • Fire extinguishers are located at both ends of pitting area
  • LiPo sacks are mandatory
  • Local emergency number is 112
  • Sand buckets are located in pitlane and pitarea.
  • Oils and batteries are collected to bins beside tech inspection

Technical rules

  • IFMAR technical rules to be followed with exceptions as follows.
    • Controlled tire to be used and two pairs of tires allowed for each driven axle. Allowed amount of tires is included in entry fee. Race tires can be used during practice day.
    • All batteries allowed from IFMAR, EFRA and ROAR lists.
    • Motors doesn't need to be IFMAR approved.
  • Controlled tyre
    • We have chosen JConcepts Double Dee in green compound as the controlled tyre for the event. Part numbers are as follows.
      • 2WD Rear: 3002-02
      • 4WD Front: 3003-02
      • 4WD Rear: 3002-02
    • Our recommendation for 2WD front tires are JC Groovy or Rips and those will be available at the track. Insert is not controlled.

Technical inspection

  • Technical inspection is before run. Car is left for inspection from pit area side (windows below timing tower) and can be collected from track side. After is completed all cars are left to shelf beside the technical inspection.
  • All drivers are entitled to register two sets of tires. First set of tires must be marked before first round of qualifying. Other set can be marked at any time of the race. Please notice tires to be registered must have the stamp (all tires included in entry fee has this stamp).
  • Chassis won't be marked.


  • Winner of each race will be crowned as unofficial World Champion of +40 drivers. Additionally top three of each starting decade (+40, +50, +60 etc) will be awarded.


  • Driver need to leave cars to the impound for the night and it must be done latest at one hour after last heat. This is to avoid drivers to wrench their cars all evening and night. Bags and other equipment can also be stored in impound.

Car numbers

  • Car numbers must be in place from the first round of controlled practice. Two numbers are to be placed in the bodyshell on both sides of the body. No number facing front of the car. Numbers are available at technical inspection.

Other rules

  • Starting place
  • S&G area

Other info

  • You get drinks on tap for ?,?? euros from O'Malleys and Wazaca by showing your badge
  • Keep your alcoholic drinks off from the tables during the weekend.
  • Karting race at Powerpark has zero tolerance for alcohol. Don't take any relaxing beers during the bus trip.
  • Tire gluing service is available at technical inspection for 4 euros per pair
  • Washing area and compressed air are available nearby corner table jump outside the fence.